Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Duplicate Content & Multiple Site Issues from SES NY 2009

Wow, here we go! Search Engine Strategies New York 2009 was great. I would like to talk about the dos and donts of duplicate content, one of the most interesting panel discussions on the event.

More and more site owners are concerned about Duplicate Content & Multiple Site Issues, Search Engine such as Google or Yahoo can penalize you if you have more than one page or site with the same content. That is what we call duplicate content.

If you run mirror sites, will search engines ban you? If you have listings that are similar in nature, is that an issue? What happens if you syndicate content through RSS and feeds? Will other sites be considered the "real" site and rob you of a rightful place in the search results? This session looks at the issues and explores solutions.So here are a few highlights from that session.

1) Duplicate content is not good always change it up new text keywords and overall content.

2) Always use a 301 redirect when using more then one URL to pint to one site or blog.

3)Having your brand name on more then one platform as a blogger only works with content that is not the same.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Citizen Jornalism tips using video blogs to ad value to your stories.

Seven Tips to better Citizen journalist video reporting.

1) Get The flip Video Camera this baby comes in HD and is very sleek.

2) Take the Flip where ever you go this is the most important rule next to keeping it charged or new batteries on hand. Depends on the unit you buy.

3) Keep your eyes open practice on small stuff like planed events in your area to get the hang of it.

4) When you see braking news get in the mix. Ask others main stream reporters the facts if you come of the right way they will help you out.

5) Find your way in this is not easy but can be done even covered in mud from your day job.

6) Be creative find your way in be nice and act confident.

7) Start a Citizen Journalist blog of your own and start Fliping out stories the day you get the camera.

The video below is Rick Bellini and Robert Bellini talking about airplane engine explosion of their varsity Heating and Plumbing building in Flushing Queens NY.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to Get Product Reviews That Can Drive Traffic And Affiliate Sales to Your Blog

The picture below is of Pineapple Jerky from Jerky.com

Check out our first review on Pineapple Jerky Review on our Camping Stories blog.

Product reviews are hot right now and can help you and the company your reviewing drive traffic and Affiliate Sales if you like the product. Also it will help drive links to the authority page 1 of Search engines like Google. By adding Videos and internet radio,pod casting and Social networking in the mix what will start to emerge is your own media company. Product reviews, affiliate marketing,Press releases, Sponsorships,ad campaigns and more.

How do you get started doing product reviews?

1) Look over your blogs topic see where you can fit in there are plenty of companies who do get the point and learn to harness this new power of the Internet web 2.0

2) When you find your topics and have keywords in mind go to Google and search for the product you want to work and just add review to the end of the search.

3) When you find your topics market reviews then link those products to their companies4) Also you can just Google search on product review for bloggers this should help you find companies who Dig what you do and understand its power.

4) Call their PR or Marketing team introduce your self and your brand. You may have to talk with someone who wants to know more before you talk to the right person. These are the gatekeepers they mostly just don't get it when it comes to new media. Don’t give up find your way through you to the one who will listen you can do it.

5) Once you got your contacts at the company see what they may have in lines of product reviews.

6) Now You have a product to review be honest don't think because you are sent something that you have to be nice if the product is unsafe, taste bad or anything else let it be known.

7) Don't be mean about a bad product be professional about your finds. Work with the company by providing feedback before posting a bad review. If you post a bad review you should let the company know so the can participate so they can grow from the user feedback.

8) Create good titles keyword rich, Carry major keywords into the post at the start of any paragraph then make it bold this will help spiders find it more easily.

9) Always provide a brief description of any pictures or video you post on your blog. This again helps Google see what's in Video and Pictures, Also name your pictures with keywords when you first save them to your computer this all helps with Search Engine Strategies.

10) Always find out what the company wants your anchor text to be it is so important that you don't just put Click here this has no SEO Value at all. It needs to be like Beef Jerky or Pineapple Jerky

to learn more about
Search Engine Strategies in our Bloggers School post

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What is blogging to you?

What is blogging or a blogger to you? There are so many Blog nowadays with these blogs come all types of topics. What kind of blogger are you Education, Citizen Journalist,Hobbie, enviromental,family,business blogger or main stream news. Some of us do one type while others enjoy a mix of many topic across many blogs they own or networks they post to. For me I love teaching,citizen Journalism,product reviews,sports and more. How do you know what type of blogger you are?

This is not that hard you to find out. It usally just happens to most people. There are other ways to find out. First do you like to write or shoot video? Second are you in a position to help others learn? Do you like to get stories that you see on the streets. Lots of Comapnies that do not blog need to watch there steps. for instance Path Mark supper markets had rotten meats because of open packaging. I Shot video and showed the manager. Later head quarters called me back I missed the call. I tried to call them back with no luck so I will post that video here youtube and on Helloignorants and Streets Journalism

The point is that companies have to do the right things these days with some many cameras watching. The best thing for these companies to do would be there own blog to control what happens by allowing others to post comments. Then they can do the right thing by following up. So look around you will find things to blog about or I should say they will find you.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Flip Out Mino HD Challenge And Review

The Flip Out Challenge and review is simple, fun and will help you to create killer content for your visitors and make them become regular readers of your blog.

The original content is King for bloggers who want to do this full time. Maybe you want to be a Citizen Journalist and get nice stories for your own Social Media blog or website.

Today it take very little to get started: an URL, a host and you are off to the races. If this is what you love, then there has never been a better time, so put your game face on get moving. There are plenty of new opportunities opening up.

We have a president that embraces the New Internet Revolution and communications and has just released the White House Blog.

Good luck! Now Flip Out everyday. If you don't have a Flip yet that's great because they just came out with the new Flip Mino HD. We have received for review in the mail, and so far I am impressed.

So after you get your new customized Flip Mino HD from The Flip Store with the picture you want on it, do a review or a commercial for your business or brand. YouTube is has more page views than Google each day. Read The Flip Mino HD Camcorder Bloggers School Review.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Get a customized URL and lose the Blogspot

You can customize your URL using YourBrandName.com instead of having .Blogspot.com in your blog address and still keep using Blogger platform to host your blog.

The other way of having your dot com in the shape of a blog is buying your domain and then pay for a hosting service. What we did with BloggersSchool.com was buy the domain from GoDaddy and pay for their host. We are using WordPress.org plug in to power our new blog and it has being a super interesting experience. We will keep blogging here and on BloggersSchool.WordPress.com for learning interests.

The video below show how-to purchase and set up a Custom Domain through Blogger.