Sunday, March 22, 2009

Citizen Jornalism tips using video blogs to ad value to your stories.

Seven Tips to better Citizen journalist video reporting.

1) Get The flip Video Camera this baby comes in HD and is very sleek.

2) Take the Flip where ever you go this is the most important rule next to keeping it charged or new batteries on hand. Depends on the unit you buy.

3) Keep your eyes open practice on small stuff like planed events in your area to get the hang of it.

4) When you see braking news get in the mix. Ask others main stream reporters the facts if you come of the right way they will help you out.

5) Find your way in this is not easy but can be done even covered in mud from your day job.

6) Be creative find your way in be nice and act confident.

7) Start a Citizen Journalist blog of your own and start Fliping out stories the day you get the camera.

The video below is Rick Bellini and Robert Bellini talking about airplane engine explosion of their varsity Heating and Plumbing building in Flushing Queens NY.