Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to Get Product Reviews That Can Drive Traffic And Affiliate Sales to Your Blog

The picture below is of Pineapple Jerky from Jerky.com

Check out our first review on Pineapple Jerky Review on our Camping Stories blog.

Product reviews are hot right now and can help you and the company your reviewing drive traffic and Affiliate Sales if you like the product. Also it will help drive links to the authority page 1 of Search engines like Google. By adding Videos and internet radio,pod casting and Social networking in the mix what will start to emerge is your own media company. Product reviews, affiliate marketing,Press releases, Sponsorships,ad campaigns and more.

How do you get started doing product reviews?

1) Look over your blogs topic see where you can fit in there are plenty of companies who do get the point and learn to harness this new power of the Internet web 2.0

2) When you find your topics and have keywords in mind go to Google and search for the product you want to work and just add review to the end of the search.

3) When you find your topics market reviews then link those products to their companies4) Also you can just Google search on product review for bloggers this should help you find companies who Dig what you do and understand its power.

4) Call their PR or Marketing team introduce your self and your brand. You may have to talk with someone who wants to know more before you talk to the right person. These are the gatekeepers they mostly just don't get it when it comes to new media. Don’t give up find your way through you to the one who will listen you can do it.

5) Once you got your contacts at the company see what they may have in lines of product reviews.

6) Now You have a product to review be honest don't think because you are sent something that you have to be nice if the product is unsafe, taste bad or anything else let it be known.

7) Don't be mean about a bad product be professional about your finds. Work with the company by providing feedback before posting a bad review. If you post a bad review you should let the company know so the can participate so they can grow from the user feedback.

8) Create good titles keyword rich, Carry major keywords into the post at the start of any paragraph then make it bold this will help spiders find it more easily.

9) Always provide a brief description of any pictures or video you post on your blog. This again helps Google see what's in Video and Pictures, Also name your pictures with keywords when you first save them to your computer this all helps with Search Engine Strategies.

10) Always find out what the company wants your anchor text to be it is so important that you don't just put Click here this has no SEO Value at all. It needs to be like Beef Jerky or Pineapple Jerky

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