Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What is blogging to you?

What is blogging or a blogger to you? There are so many Blog nowadays with these blogs come all types of topics. What kind of blogger are you Education, Citizen Journalist,Hobbie, enviromental,family,business blogger or main stream news. Some of us do one type while others enjoy a mix of many topic across many blogs they own or networks they post to. For me I love teaching,citizen Journalism,product reviews,sports and more. How do you know what type of blogger you are?

This is not that hard you to find out. It usally just happens to most people. There are other ways to find out. First do you like to write or shoot video? Second are you in a position to help others learn? Do you like to get stories that you see on the streets. Lots of Comapnies that do not blog need to watch there steps. for instance Path Mark supper markets had rotten meats because of open packaging. I Shot video and showed the manager. Later head quarters called me back I missed the call. I tried to call them back with no luck so I will post that video here youtube and on Helloignorants and Streets Journalism

The point is that companies have to do the right things these days with some many cameras watching. The best thing for these companies to do would be there own blog to control what happens by allowing others to post comments. Then they can do the right thing by following up. So look around you will find things to blog about or I should say they will find you.