Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For BuzzLogic, influence is golden

Is you blog wealth? Witch means: are you posting often, using the keywords properly and producing killer content? Are you also joining tools and networks to promote your blog and joining the conversation leaving comments in other sites and blogs that cover your subject as well, right? So probably your blog is not only wealthy, but healthy, and you are ready to monetize it!

Advertising networks such as BuzzLogic can help you with professional Ads, but your blog has to be on shape to get this help. What their platform is able to do is analyze who is influential in the Blogosphere and determine which blogs perform best for specif companies. The advertisers pay a premium for this targeting technology, and BuzzLogic pass the benefit to the blogs who holds the announces.

If you want to learn more about BuzzLogic and the Conversational Ad Network they are about to release, listen to our radio show on BlogTalkRadio Network. Bloggers School will be talking live to BuzzLogic, 8PM EST, about their technology, besides answering listeners questions.