Saturday, December 20, 2008

iBreakfast discusses why you should get a Widget for your blog

Widgets are little things, but in the digital world these little windows in to your blog can be something so valuable that if you still don't have one it is better start thinking about it.

Widgets are basic small applications or programs used on web pages to provide a specific function. The newts thing now is using Widgets as little windows for other blogs or sites or even with an alternative space for updated content and instant messages.

The last iBreakfast of the year happened in New York last December 18th and brought three of top producers and entrepreneurs from the Widgets business. They talked about the process for monetizing of these platforms, many types of use and possibilities for the future.

The speakers Michael Chin, from KickApps, Chris Damsen, from Netvibes, and Chris Kobran, from Clearspring, exposed why these mini-sites that stick to other sites are becoming so valuable. They also discussed how Widgets are attracting advertisers and other marketers looking to grow and keep a loyal audience.

Bloggers School attended to the iBreakfast and shoot the video below that shows a couple of questions answered for the iBreakfast guests. The title of the panel moderated by Alan Brody was "Wealth in Widgets".