Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Eye Candy Web 2.0 - Bloggers School's new segment helps you to select Hottest Tools and Coolest Sites to Power Your Blog

Create a blog is very easy. It is self-explanatory. You just have to follow the steps and in a couple minutes you are ready to go. You can post and entry. But the thing is as soon as you start posting and comparing your blog to others you realize there are so many tools out there that you need a deep immersion to know everything about it.

Last September during BlogWorld Expo, in Las Vegas, we learned about a lot of tools, network sites and platforms built to made the Blogsphere easier and better. Since Bloggers School has been taking new and very exciting ways. We are getting new Blogging Consulting clients, witch made us start using and testing those different products to offer to them, so they can customize and improve their blogs.

That is our new segment in our weekly Radio Show on the BlogTalkRadio Network is about: EYE CANDY WEB 2.0 - Hot Tools and Cool Sites to Power Your Blog. We will be talking to the creators, webmaster and the people behind the platforms and leaning more about their services. Our goal is help our clients and audience to choose the best and the more appropriate bookmarks, widgets, search boxes, and social networks sites for their kind of use.

Every Wednesday, 8PM EST we will be showing you the best tools and "toys" you can install in your blog to track your audience, understand how people are finding your information and blog more professionally.