Monday, November 26, 2007

I heard Anthony Robbins speak Wow

I went to the NYC Wealth expo last Saturday and heard Anthony Robbins Speak it was really different then i thought it would be he is not there to motivate people he is known as the why guy. He will help you find out why you do the things you do. Motivation everyone has in some form but Knowing why they are motivated and this is the key to success and wow does he have a lot of books and programs He even does one on ones if your pockets can take it.

But over all I think that his books can help People and bloggers to clear a path to success his books are a must have. And if you can go hear him speak it is so powerful
it will change the way you think about the way you conduct your self.

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TagTeam Creative said...

Anthony Robbins is a great speaker and motivator. I've attended two of his conferences and had a blast! So much so that I ended up helping to write some of his marketing material with another writer. If you get the chance, walk on the hot coals! It's not that hot (i did it twice), but it's fun to say you walked on hot coals. :D Great blogging, John.

Jay Lohmann