Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sorry about this weeks radio show

I was to talk with Kelly Schwarze founder of Smidgits they put out funny videos that have a viral effect. I want to say sorry to Kelly, The listeners,downloaders of the show and Blog Talk Radio who has put me on the featured page. I had to stop at moms house to use here PC because i was running so late and could not make it to my house in time. When i logged on i had 26 Sec until show time i open the switchboard and could not scroll sideways to get to the point that i needed to pick up Kellys call. and had to cancel on live air i was so shaken. We have reset the interview for Thursday December 6Th at 7:30 Eastern standard time. That same day we have Carter Harkins Founder of Crowdabout a podcast format where listeners can record comment to add to the shows and is very interactive. I am sure he will give you more insight then i ever could. So thank you all for sticking with me while i grow at this. for more info see the Bloggers School Radio page.

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