Saturday, November 24, 2007

Every Travling blogger needs a Ruffbook

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If you blog you know the need of a good Notebook. Bloggers tend to travel lot's of places. This means taking along that fragile notebook this may be a thing of the past for you if you like the Ruff Book PC. The makers of RuffBook had your needs in mind when the built the Ruff PC. What they have done is took an ordinary note book that could get fried from water as mine did right before i went Blog world expo seeing this i don't miss it very much. The Ruff PC rugged enough to take on dust that wont get in to the Notebook and if it gets a little wet so what its just a little cleaner now. I think this is a must have for all who travel like bloggers, business,News,military,construction or to us with the GPS on a cement truck this notebook can handle it all. bellow are some specs from The Ruff Book site. or visit the RuffBook store

Info from ruffbook

Drive it safe and drive it fast. Rugged enough to perform best and safely under any real condition, The RuffBook Spec has everything a commuter, a corporate professional or a frequent traveler needs to stay in the top performance. The RuffBook Spec is the notebook engineered to survive and thrive under real world computing conditions. It features a drop resistant, 20-times-harder than plastic alloy base case while anti-shock mounting protects 15.4" TFT LCD screen and hard drive from damage and data loss. Spill resistant keyboard, touch pad and scroll buttons keep water spills away from internal components. The RuffBook Spec is designed for power and mobility, featuring outstanding communications abilities with a wide choice of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of diverse customers.

Info from RuffBook

The RuffBook Tech is the latest water resistant Ruff PC with extremely high performance hardware in a show stopping design optimized for harsh environments. Powered by the ultra low power consumption Intel Core Duo 1.73GHz processor, 512MB DDR RAM, 60GB Shock-mounted Hard Drive, and a CD-RW/DVD+RW (DVD Dual) Drive, this rugged portable is designed to give you reliability in environments where conventional laptops would fail. With added protection from damage and data loss to these critical components, it is rugged enough to perform best and safely under any real condition. The RuffBook Tech has a water resistant keyboard (never again worry about spilling drinks), a magnesium alloy casing (20-times-harder than plastic alloy base case) which protects against vibration and drops, and can be trusted with all of your clumsiness wherever you may be. It has state-of-the-art 14.1" non-glare TFT LCD screen and up to 224MB shared video memory that provides for vibrant images, both indoors and outdoors. Behind the display is the ultimate wireless technology (802.11 b/g) for true speed and wireless accessibility. It is heavy duty in the multimedia department as well with the built in flash card reader, microphone, and four speakers. Combined with the Intel high definition Azalia 24Bit audio system, this rough computer delivers a crystal clear sound. More details can be found in the specifications page and there are huge close up pictures in the gallery page, but the following slideshow should give you an idea of what you will get:

Found this contest on the Thinking blog they are having a contest for a Ruffbook for their one year anniversary if you would like to join in and do a review of a RuffBook your blog check out The Thinking Blog for more details. I don't own one yet but I am a trend spotter and see this as a big move on their part to make things better. And as an inventor the timing could not be better with all the new traveler's and entrepreneurs that are emerging. The thinking blog is really a nice web 2.0 blog check it out even if you don't want to enter the RuffBook contest.

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