Sunday, October 12, 2008

How to start a blog: use the desire and find a blog host?

How to start a blog?

So you are ready to start a blog great your moving in the right direction.Learning to blog can be sometimes hard but has it rewards. If you started one already even better don't look back. If this is what you love I mean the topic you will blog about then go for it don't let anything stand in your way. Want it so bad it is almost painful. Then use the pain as an alternative fuel to drive your vision home consult with others when necessary to get the job done.

Now that you have the desire it time to pick a host. This blog is hosted on Blogger owned by Google and has worked for me so far but there are many other tools available on other platforms such as Movable Type and word Press. Coming back from the Blogworld expo this past month we learned about movable type and the tools it offers and looks like it's the place to be right now. to

Then there is Word Press this is a tricky one there are two Word Press platforms one at that does not allow business site to be used on that platform and then this one does allow Affiliate Marketing and has lot of automatic plugins to make the life of an Affiliate marketer really Smooth. We will be talking to Shawn Collins October 23rd At 5PM EST on Bloggers School Radio Shawn is the inventor owner and operator of the Affiliate Summit we will be asking him more about plugins and Wordpress vs other platforms like blogger and movable type in the use of Affiliate marketing today.

Bloggers School offers a full line of blog consulting contact John1516-232-3463 or by email happy blogging

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