Sunday, October 5, 2008

BlogWorld Expo 2008: big success lots of great speakers

What's going on people?!

We are on fire after the 2008 edition of BlogWorld & New Media Expo, where we learned a lot more about blogging and Social Media.
So some of you might be saying: "What is a Blog? or "What is blogging?". That's good!

A blog can be only a diary, an online journal or even a place to advertise and marketing your products, services and ideas. A blog is dynamic, changes all the time and can be operated easily for your owner. A blog allows you to be a publisher and gives anyone the power to edit yourself. Everybody can own a blog, but is the passion, the energy and the discipline that makes you a blogger.

Bloggers School's trip to Las Vegas was the confirmation we are in the right track following through the Blogsphere. We took a lot of classes and heard to a lot of speakers, and for sure this experience made us experts.

We are learning all the time how to blog and we want to teach that as well. Here is the plan. We will be sending out emails to all those we met at BlogWorld Expo inviting them to our show. As soon they confirm, we will be showcasing them here, in our blog a week before they come on.

Below are some picture taken by Dave Cynkin during that three days in Las Vegas. The first picture is from Gary Vaynerchuck, speaker at the closing keynote, on the first day, September 19th. At the second image you can see Coach Deb (on the right), who taught a class about Tribal Seduction. After, Mike Shinoda, blogger and member of the band Linkin Park; he and Tim Ferris (author from The Four Hour Work Week) were the speakers on the opening keynote on the last day. The last picture is from Guy Kawasaki, speaker during the Luncheon on the first day of BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2008.

If you got excited and need a hand do open up your blog, send us and e-mail at or call us at (516) 232-3463.

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