Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Get your name on motion picture film credits

I was lucky enough to get a copy of RevoLOUtion at Blog World expo i watched it with my brother when i got home. it had me glued from the start. Then just yesterday i recived the Blogger and Podcaster magazine December edition and it had a video with Bret Carr Aka Lou talking about the movie and how you could have credits on this movie just from blogging about it or podcasting. It seamed interesting to me. So i found the news video about the way that Bret Carr is changing hollywood by pay what it's worth. Way to go Bret Carr. So all you bloggers should this it seam like this may become a trend in Holloywood and you can be position before the masses.

See the RevoLOUtion the movie for free and pay what you think it's worth even when it hit theaters it's pay what you think it's worth write a post about the movie and recive motion picture Producer credits on the film with your blog name in it.

See what the press is saying about Bret Carr and how he is changing Holloywood forever go to revolution

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John A Ciampa
Motion Picture Producer


Anonymous said...

Hey John, thanks for sharing your experience. You are now a PRODUCER!!!
and also an Early Adopter and thought leader. I'm confident as this catches on (monday the Baltimore Sun is coming out with a Blog they interviewed me for in the Sports Section) that not only will people get a film that seems to touch lives (and thanks for your comments) but we'll also be able to kill the monopoly Hollywood has on films. It's up to the Bloggers. And that's why if I feel Bloggers are authentic about the film, I am approving them for a 20% affiliate commsion on all sales from my site. What do you think (and your readers) think of this?
Best, Bret
WATCH FREE. PAY AFTER. RevoLOUtionize Hollywood.

photo blocker guy said...

Thsi is great and so is the film i would love to have you on the my radio show to discuss this reveloution you have created.