Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Acts of kindness day Dec 17th 2007

On this day i stop and spoke to as many homeless and lost souls on my way to work and after i stayed in the city and traveled the train in search of some people in need. Not only of money but some company. I tried my best to show them that people do care and that it hurts us to see them like this. Some could follow the conversation while other could not. For some it seamed to be a real problem mentally while others seamed

just fine. I pleaded with them to seek shelter during the holidays. When i seen someone who where healthy and panhandling i spoke to them about how the got to that point and tried to give the sound advise like. You seam like a go getter people are putting money in your cup as you walk from subway car to car. I respect your willingness to work Just know that you are loved by God and other humans in this

world and don't be afraid to take chances go to a shelter settle in and try finding a job while at the shelter seek treatment for what bothers you and try to make your life better. I said to just a few you look healthy and like you want to change for the better. I said the only thing holding you down is fear don't fear i said take a chance You take one by living on the streets why not to get off the streets. Whats

the worst that can happen you already know how to survive with very little and with a job you could save lots of money in a short time with the skills it takes to live on the street. In a shelter you could live free while saving up for a better life. I said a pray with them for them and wished them the best this holiday season. Please try this for yourself you owe it to yourself and no one can do it for you but you.
I gave them all some money and we parted ways, I thought of them all night that cold winter night.

I hope my words and actions got them to thinking about the skills they have and how they can use them to better their lives.

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