Sunday, December 28, 2008

How to get sponsors for your Blog

Why does your Blog deserve sponsors? You want to monetize your blog, but you don't know hot to get started? Lets see how Bloggers School can help you

• You know about and use all the tools Social Media and web 2.0 have to offer

• You are producing good content, putting out relevant information and posting very often

• You join the discussion, got the credibility of your community and you have regular readers

• You work hard at what you do and you are passionate about sharing good content

Finding matches for your Blog: What kind of support do you need and witch companies could help you out?

• Think of companies that you trusted and you would definitely hire their services or buy their products

• Do a research about companies that are relevant to your blogs topics

• Keep yourself posted about the image and the reputation of your potential sponsors on the new stream media and, more important, online

• Make sure those companies understand what blogging and new media are and respect their potential

•Look for those who get the whole vision of what you are proposing and what exactly they can expect

What can your blog offer to your Sponsors? Make a list and memorize your approach!

• Your readers and your traffic as potential buyers or clients to them

• Your influence in your community to talk about their services and products

• Your knowledge and information about Searching Engine Optimization (SEO), New Medias and Social Media tools that their marketing team maybe don’t have

What having Sponsors can do for your Blog? Make sure you will talk to your potential supporters about it

• Products, services, funds and structure to make you and your site more professional

• Visibility and exposure to your brand to their public and followers

• Your sponsors may give you referrals that can give you long lasting business relationship with other companies for years to come

Getting past the gate keepers... Don't give up on the first try!

• Some old Gate Keepers still remain old school in most of people thoughts. Get around them and your chances become grater of landing a sponsor

• Find the contact info for your potential Public Relations or Marketing Team

• Give them your best elevator pitch of your vision

• Let the gate keepers know that when this info finally reach the minds of those possible partners, they could be the one who brought the info to the person in charge

• Don't give up! You may have to speak to as many as seven people before you get an e-mail address to send your proposal to.

• Remember the law of averages: the more people or companies you speak to look for the ones that say 'NOs' and the 'YESes' will find you

• Always show your potential sponsors what they will get out of it. Be passionate and it will shine through

How to write an e-mail proposal? It's time to formalize your idea by e-mail

• Try to be very informative about who you are, what do you blog or pod cast about. Don’t forget to provide in your message links to your content

• Be specific about what do you need from them, what is your deadline, inform quantity and sizes, and don’t forget to say what you can offer

• Always put your signature in your e-mails linking back to your site and remember: nowadays e-mail are binding contacts

• Don’t forget to leave all your contact info and check every single link and number you added to your e-mail