Sunday, November 9, 2008

What is the IBNMA?

The IBNMA is the International Blogging and New Media Association. You can learn more about what the association stands for in its website.

Blogging, Podcasting and other forms of New Media have become tools of an emerging industry. The International Blogging and New Media Association has been formed to serve as a single voice representing members of the industry and as an advocate to promote its growth. The Association's mission is four-fold: To provide Research, Information, Education and Advocacy to bloggers, podcasters, social media practitioners and others related to the industry in any way.

The IBNMA is the brainchild of Rick Calvert, the creator and Co-founder of BlogWorld & New Media Expo, that Bloggers School attended for the second time last September. Rick Calvert saw a need to bring the international online community together so it can evolve as one voice in a new media world.

It was a pleasure to meet up again with Rick Calvert at BlogWorld and first meet the president of the IBNMA, Paul Chaney. Chaney will be live in our next Radio Show, Wednesday, November 12th @8:00PM EST, answering questions and talking more about the Association.

In the video below, Paul Chaney talking about Social Marketing.

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Paul Chaney said...

Thanks for including the video. I don't even have it up yet! :-) I'm looking forward to the interview as well.