Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Check out the new Flip Mino Camcorder Designable

I was checking out The Flip's website and learned about this new model that has been just release, The Flip Mino. In this picture you can see a Flip Mino personalized with my picture, Carolina Frederico.

The Flips are already known for being the Bloggers best friends, for being easy to use and make the uploads to the web faster. The new Flip Mino is smaller and thinner and has the same exact performance as the Flip Ultra. The Flip MinoHD, however, has 4GB of internal memory and promisses high-definition quality videos.

The new Minos, the new Bloggers Sweetheart can only be purchased from the Pure Digital Inc. Site and the models are available in black or can be personalized with pictures from your personal archive.

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