Saturday, September 6, 2008

Learn more about how is going to be journalism in the future from BlogWorld Expo 2008 speakers

How do you imagine is going to be journalism in the future? If in the past, the first journalist were the one that were brave enough to travel abroad and bring what was new and different to their people, who do you is going to be the our next journalists? Nobody? Everybody?

If you do have all this questions you must listen to our show about the Citizen Journalism Workshop, that is going to happened at the second edition of the BlogWorld Expo & New Media 2008! We already have confirmed Professor David Perlmutter, from the University of Kansas, talking a little bit about his lecture at the conference, and we might have Professor Jay Perkins, from Louisiana State University as well.

If you are not attending to the expo, you can’t miss this opportunity to learn from these people and get as much as information you can. You can listen to the show live at BlogTalkRadio, today, at 3pm (Eastern Time Zone), and call in with your question, or check out the archive, and leave here a comment. Bloggers School would love to hear from you!

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