Thursday, August 28, 2008

A few updates about the coverage of Blog World Expo & New Media 2008: special guests in our Radio Show

We are working hard to provide our public with the best information and content about the Second Annual BlogWorld Expo & New Media 2008. So be updated about a few changes in our show's calendar at BlogTalkRadio.

The next show is going to be this coming Saturday, August 30th, 1pm (NY Eastern Timezone), when we will have talking to us live Rick Calvert, CEO and co-founder of BlogWorld Expo! We are going to discuss the Blogging Industry numbers, and talk about some perspectives of this growing and already successful market.

Another show already booked is the one on September 6th, the next Saturday, when we are going to approach the Citizen Journalism Workshop. Our special guests at this time will be Professor Jay Perkins, from Louisiana State University, giving to us a little preview about Finding What's Out There: Searching, Sifting, and Selecting the Best Information Online. We also have confirmed Professor David Perlmutter, from The University of Kansas, providing to us a briefing about Getting Mainstream Media Attention: How to Reach Out to Journalists.

You can not loose this chance to warm it up to the exhibition. We are waiting for your phone call in the show; we would love to hear your questions.

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J.W. Rhodes said...

Great info. on your talk on blogtalkshow. Thanks for the great tips and info. you provided me with.

I wish you the best with your show and look forward to your future broadcast.