Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blogging is like being in love

When you are in love with a person, you can't just stop thinking of him. Or her… Even if you are in love with something: can you think of something else?

Still talking about love, when you realize you are in love, as much as you know, as much as you want to learn about your object of desire. And as much as you learn, as much you want to use what you have learned. Practicing and work are the two things that make a dream reality, an idea becomes true.

I am exactly on this stage: completely passionate about blogs and blogging (and about a person as well). Blogging can be so fun and so toilful at the same time. Sometimes you can spend hours fixing stuff in you blog, adding links, figuring out the best letter, the best color, the nicest videos, the most perfect words. You know you are so tired, exhausted, actually, but you just can't stop it. You have a goal: you want to get it done, you want to use all knowledge you have. It is soulful and doleful, but makes you more skillful.

I am so excited about the BlogWorld Expo & New Media 2008! I am like a child, waiting to go to the park and ride the roller coaster. To me, roller coasters are just like life: scary, but fun. And what makes roller coasters, life and blogging so scary and fun is the knowledge, the information, because they can make you free, can take you anywhere, but once you have it, you can never go back.

As everything in life, if you are up, you must go down, sooner or later. If you write or say something, you are responsible as well. That is why I love blogging, because makes me free and responsible; takes me (and makes me) high, and makes me company when I am down, feeling lonely; gives me the possibility of having an opinion in a word where you are just one in 6 million, but you can be sure: there is always someone reading you or looking for the information you have.

In this event in Las Vegas, I am sure I will have so much fun with my love(s). I will learn everything I can about him, every single tool, secret, tip and advice for a better performance. I will dedicate my spirit! I just can't wait. And I also can't wait to finish writing my first post from the convention and click on "View in another window". So the whole world will see through my window, my eyes, the windows of my soul.

That is why blogging is like being in love: I know is going to be a lot of work, but I am so excited!!!

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