Thursday, February 28, 2008

Smidgits kind words about Bloggers School

We wanted to join up with the Smidgits crew for the 2008 Burton US Open of snowboarding at Stratton Mountain March 17Th - 23rd. We will be posting event on Snowboarding School and Snowboarding Stories although they could not make it Kelly had the following kind words to say about me and Bloggers School. Kelly and his crew have been working hard to make good things happen and love to make people laugh keep up the good work guys. Glad i made it to Blog World Expo and got to meet you all. i had the best time and can not wait until next time to rip up the strip in Vegas

Hey John,

Thanks for the consideration. It looks like a blast. I would love to cover it. Unfortunately, March is bad for us because we're launching a new show. (ie: which I will be making a big announcing in a few weeks)In addition, we are opening a new office location in Las Vegas next week, and I think for the next few months I am grounded to town to makesure our new operations are going smoothly.

Defiantly keep us in the loop. I hope that we can do some more stuff together. Out of all the people we have met at BlogWorld you are one of the most considerate, and good natured guys we got to know. Keep up the good work. Stay in touch...

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