Sunday, November 11, 2007

Back from blog world expo

OK where do I start this expo went down perfect and was such a great learning opportunity for all involved. Right before I left for the expo I read my email to find that Jay A Lohmann had sent me an email from linkedin so we could me up and brain storm so without ever have known Jay before I said yes to meeting up this was the best move of my life. See Jay is go getter and we got to meet and eat with Internet greatness like Dave Taylor, Andy Wibbles, Steven Van Yoder and many more. Jay owns a multi site system for freelancers called The Freelance Nation where a blogger writer speaker designer or any other field can find freelance work he has teamed up with lot of job listing companies to bring the jobs for the freelancers to the table using blind bidding to keep the integrity of the site in tacked. I did an with Jay A Lohmann at the end of the expo here is that link to that first up will be Matt from ustream interview


Freelance nation press
Jay A Lomman enjoy lot of video from expo to come stay tuned in

The next Blog world Expo is set for September 18th-19th of 2008 in Vegas at the convention center You must be there register now this next event will sell out
BlogWorld & New Media Expo

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