Wednesday, November 14, 2007

As a blogger you might be asked to review new products

I got a request from a man named Romeo Corsi who was hired by the inventor of Air Drives MR Ken Wright to spread the word about air drives across blogs and site to create buzz about The air drives. Mr Ken Wright has made a way better set of ear phones that sit on the outside of your ear they are called Air drives. He sent me a pair to try and review I first want to say I am happy to be part of this review. I have them in hand and have tried them out they are more then I thought they would be. With regular Ipod like head sets your ears get this pain that I hate. With these new Air Drives head set the pain is gone they sit on the outside of your ear and does not even block the ear canal you can put your finger in your ear with these puppies on. They have a volume control on them that are not on the kids version of Air Drives. This is so the kids cant damage their ear while in development stage of their lives. I love these things and will only use these from now on. Thank You Ken Wright for making these headsets that were long over do. to find out more go to these sites. they also let you stay aware of your surroundings what a great idea who,s time has come my hat is off to you Ken wright best wishes for you and your company.


Free Your Ears

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Bijoy Johnson said...

its nice to know about the new technological developments

Tide said...

This is true. Most bloggers aren't aware that their opinions are actually taken into account, and occasionally reported to product developers. I work under Romeo and I read a lot of this stuff and compile opinions into excel documents, which we give to our clients.

Deanna said...

Interesting to know.

Elijah said...

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