Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Win blog world expo ticket contest for best comment

I have one ticket from the blog world expo public relations to give a way on blog catalog discussion board. You will post This comment won my www.bloggersschool.blogspot.com then cut and pasted into blogcatlog discussion board for all to see and about one week we will pick a winner base on best comment on why You need to go To blog world expo.

cut and paste comment from here to the discussion forum on blog catalog

Please link back to your site in comments.

Thank You all from bloggers school blog a radio show

John A Ciampa


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up, John. I'm not sure what the Blog World Expo is, I'm really a very new blogger, but I will go research it. Sounds like a neat contest.

photo blocker guy said...

Great thanks.

Marenda MAGNETIC said...

I'm not clear on how the contest works can you break it down more or point in the right direction?

What does the ticket include? Is it standard, standard plus opening reception, full conference, Executive & Entrepreneur Conference?

photo blocker guy said...

post comment about why you deserve to go winner will win a full conference
unless today I will ask find out more this is all happening right now maybe I can pull the Executive & Entrepreneur Conference pass I don't see why not any way that's it write it here cut and past it to the link on bottom of this post.

lajansann said...

Well if only to meet John and his wife I'd love to be able to go to the Blog World Expo!! Really, though my guess would be it would probably be an expectional expo of some of the world's best bloggers and amazing and valuable tips on how to make your blog the best blog ever. From building your traffic to making a nice income for doing something you love to do. BLOGGING!!!

Chris said...

I should go so everyone can meet the ginger winger, not only because I am active on blogcatalog but because I bring so much to blogging in genereal ask the hundreds of people I have helped, the ones who think I am more than just one man.

I should go so I can scratch that flee that Tony seems to of been having a problem with, so I can give Daniels fingers a rest while he has a beer or six, so I can meet Angie the flower behind the rose and to put a smile on Oscars bleak face. I should go so I can cut JP' hair and sing some Whitney Houston songs with him. I should go so I can act like a member of staff and slap Darren Rowse on the forehead to make a few more hairs fall out. I should go so I can say I came I saw I copped of with a vegas gal. Above all I should go because one thing that normally follows one of my comments is thanks crkian or thanks Chris. Wouldn't it give all my adoring fans a treat to see me in person. I should go so I can promote my own blog directory for free :P. The most important reason is I come from a poor background we used to break Grandads wooden legs up to get the fire going at Christmas, my mother couldn't afford a pram so she used to stick us to windows with our lips, christmas dinner was what ever grandma could get out from between her toes. Growing up was hard what with being ginger having tombstone teeth and sounding like David Beckham.

I dont think of myself that highly as I mentioned but it sure would be fun and good for a laugh and to learn something new.


Link And Earn said...

We should go to the blog world expo to brag about our unique concept and to get some fresh thoughts on how we can make our concept even more appealing and attractive.

Hey, What do you expect from the professional braggers ? Our business is to brag.

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