Friday, October 26, 2007

Rick Calvert CEO of Blog World Expo on the show

Bloggers School Radio will interview Rick Calvert CEO and co founder of blog world on the show at 12:00 eastern time zone at noon this sat. I will ask him questions related to the expo. I will also thank him for the free ticket to give away in the bloggers school comment contest. If you have any questions for Rick Calvert then call in on the number on the bottom of this post around 12:10 PM Easten time hope You enjoy the show talk to you all soon.

Call in to the show # 1(347)215-7878 host pin # 9913 call around 12:10 pm sat this Saturday morning.

Thank You
Blogger School Radio


j.blu said...

Looks like I missed it. So, what were the highlights of your interview? Will you make a post about it?

photo blocker guy said...

No you did not miss it he thought I was going to call him and he was to call in to blog talk radio. I keep the show going on blog world expo info just scroll this page and keep the speakers up it will play automatic. This Thursday we have Oscar from Blog Catalog on the show
To hear all replay we just started but have ton of great guest coming on the show.