Saturday, October 13, 2007

I talk about this on wrhu hoffstras morning wakeup call,comment please,

I talked about if bloggers should be considered journalist or not. I will add mp3 as soon as I get it.

Here is a question that was raised in the discussions on it was titled Is blogging ever considered journalism

I think that to on cover the truth it's going to take more than a journalist who is feed lead and made to report on based on that lead, With blogging more Eyes are open to the things happening around around us. We stand to be corrected on any wrong post or bit of info the whole world is watching bloggers including Big media.">Is blogging ever considered journalism? this is my response.

here is a quote from Glen Reynolds

People say there's a lot of hostility between blog's and the mainstream media, but it's really more of a symbiosis. Media often look to elite bloggers to decide if something is worth paying attention to, and vise versa.

This was written in Mother Jones magazine all about politics and web 2.0 and it's rank in the 2008 Election July Aug 2007.

The title was Meet the new bosses After crashing the gateof the political establish bloggers are looking more like the next gate keepers.

You should be able to find the post on his the blog in July-Aug

bloggers school radio I just spoke about this issue on Wrhu Hoffstra university radio Friday oct 12th 2007 I will have mp3 soon I will add to bloggers School blog as well

What do you think about this leave a comment please.

I am tenshi319 on the discussion boards of blog catalog.

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