Thursday, September 13, 2007

After You Build A Blog You Need to Claim It

You built a blog Now what? Claim It so you can ping or update Your content so it's fresh. First thing You need to do is claim Your blog through hit the claim my bog button add twenty key words for your blog. write brief description of Your blog save and it will ask you to put there button on blog this is to help there search spiders find Your blog post for updates.


josh said...

Is Technorati a legitimate and or resourceful blog network to join? Upon starting an account it provided me with two options:

1. Give Technorati the username and password to your blog.

2. Write a post exclusively linking Technorati.

Are there better ones out there? This blog has been very informative - a great idea for a blog.


The Wild Type

Tony said...

Hi all,
I joined up with technorati just yesterday, I claimed my blog too but I don't know how effective this will be.I have already pinged technorati once but i'm pinging a lot of other places at the same time. So far my pinging is improving my stats but not click thrus.
Only time will tell but I think the more places your blog gets listed the better.
I still think talking to real people is the best way to get "real" traffic.
Great blog by the way, will pop back from time to time,thanks.